The Necromancer

The Story So Far

Deklin a halfling, Jermaine a half-elf, Lucius also a half-elf, Ark a human and Dom a half-human.

All met on the trade ship, The Rosalind on its way to Tar-Wheel. Chasing rumors of a Necromancer down on The Moonlit Plains. In the company of a squad of Red Helms they enter the city and come into contact with the Captain of the Guard, Gossom.

Following a slight misunderstanding between Jermaine and Gossom, a former member of The Rosalind was on his way to Tar-Wheel to assist in the assassination of the current counsel.

Though it appeared that they had cleared up the misunderstanding. when they got back to the Inn, The Howling Eel, there were men waiting for them. After a short fight, Dom showed them that they were not ready for what this party had in store. Keeping one of the men alive, they learn that the men were assassins part of the local assassins guild Black Blades. They meet the other two squads of Red Helms that were sent to the city to help take the supplies to the army out on the Moonlit plane.

They soon found themselves in a meeting with one of the three heads of the Black Blades known as The Wolf. During the talk they learned that the Empire of Novaria located up north was making a play on the city of Tar-Wheel.

The city guard had been replaced by Novarian military and the councilor in charge of the defense of the city had recently been killed and replaced with a suspected Novarian military official. So the Wolf gave them a mission. Kill a select few people who are Novarian agents in the city in hopes of lowering their influence and limit the information flow back to Novaria.

Over the following week they managed to kill three of the four targets that they were given to take out. Along the way they meet a man, Sirath , a powerful mage.

When they finally came into contact with their last target, Captain Gossom, he had a story to tell them. The only reason he was helping Novaria was because they held his wife and daughter. If the adventurers were willing to help him free them then he in turn would help them in any way that he could.

They agreed to do this and went with him into the heart of the enemy strong hold. There, they managed to get to the cells undetected for the most part. Though they found that the cells were being protected by two agents of Novaria, The Knight and Knave of Mirrors. A fight followed and Lucius was almost killed but with the aid of the two half-orc friends of Gossom they were able to kill the Knight and wound the Knave to the point that he had to flee through a portal.

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